While browsing through the internet, we find some important information. We feel like copying it and convert it into the desired format later. But we don’t find it that easy to convert pdf to word, PPT, excel or whatever desired.

We need to take the help of some tools to finish our work. These are some conversion tools which might help you, some or the other day.

Top listed tools to convert pdf to word, PPT and Excel


You can convert your PDF files to any of the Microsoft office formats. Also, you can convert any office files to PDF. Using this tool, you can edit any document which includes images, pages and paragraphs.

Convert Pdf To Word, PPT, Excel

If you are out of storage, you can save your converted files to its cloud. You can also send your filed for signatures through cloud. They partnered with Lenovo, one of the leading tech giants.

Free PDF Convert

Using this tool is very simple and need no time. Just click on select any file option. Select the desired file and it will convert your files to pdf in no time. O need to wait for a long time and stay in queues.

Convert Pdf To Word, PPT, Excel

You have to sign up and upgrade to use their services to use their services. Based on the usage one can choose their desired plan. Your files are secured with 256 bit SSL encryption. SO no need to bother about the theft or loss of information.

Convert Online Free

It is completely free to use service which provides quality conversions. This tool can convert pdf to word and all other S office formats. This can convert even large storage files up to 49 MB.

Convert Pdf To Word, PPT, Excel

Based on the type of file you need to convert, choose from the list and your work will be done in less time.

Online Ocr

Convert Pdf To Word, PPT, Excel

Online ocr is one of the most used conversion tools. T converts your files in no time, but it can’t convert larger files. It is an easy to use tool. If you like using their service, you can upgrade and enjoy their unlimited services.

Very PDF

It is one of the most user friendly conversion tools. You can use almost any kind of attachment to convert to pdf. It also can edit your pdf files with greater capability. This can process multiple pdf files as batches. It can help you in removing PDF permission restrictions.

Convert Pdf To Word, PPT, Excel

You can use this tool for larger file conversions. You need to subscribe to this tool to use their services. But you don’t regret subscribing it later. It is worth the subscription.

One or the other time everyone need the conversion tools to make their work much easier. So, this is our list of convert pdf to word, PPT, Excel tools. Use the best related to your need.