Copyscape is an online device to check literary theft a.k.a plagiarism, and is a decent instrument for those whose site has heaps of contents. Through this tool, one can without much difficulty become more acquainted with those who copied the content. There are two sorts of membership in Copyscape: First is free and the other one is premium. One can attempt with the free membership first and after that run, with the premium one since it will give additional checking with additional elements like batch search, checking offline contents and so on.

  • Significance?

The significance of having this tool is that your content will be protected without a doubt. Originality matters a lot. Your content will get higher positioning and one can answer to Google, Webhost, AdSense and so forth. Along these lines, the scrubber gets caught and banned for further activity.
For what it is utilized?
One can utilize Copyscape to all the important content like for web journals, website, and online publications and so on.

  • How does it work?

In the event that one needs to check whether their site’s content is protected or stolen by spammer, take the following steps:-

  1. Click on the link:
Opening the CopyScape Home page
Opening the CopyScape Home page

2. Embed the URL of the page whose content needs to check.

Entering the content's URL
Entering the content's URL


3. In the following step, it will show the rundown of site with duplicate content(if any).

Originality found
Originality found


4. One can likewise tap on plagiarism to see the assets which give advice on Plagiarism.

Plagiarism Tab
Plagiarism Tab


With the paid participation, Copyscape also gives the rule for unoriginality and watch out for the site for further plagiarism.

  • How to stay away from Unoriginality from your side?
    • Compose interesting and unique content.
    • Take reference.
    • Pictures, diagrams and measurements are additionally copyrighted content. So mention in the reference list.
    • Include your own thoughts. Try not to overpower with the reference and reference list.
  • Deconstructing CopyScape Results:

The outcomes in CopyScape are recorded with the page's feature in blue underline, then the portions of duplicated content with ovals in the middle of, lastly the URL in green. When you tap on the connection, the “source” page opens in a frame. The frame gives the percent of words copied, both URLs, and the objective site with the copied words highlighted.

Textbroker utilizes CopyScape's Programming interface and presents the same data to you marginally in a different way. You'll see this when you get an article for survey.

Tapping on “Show” will give you the points of interest, this way:

You see the time the report was run, the aggregate number of words that show up in both texts, the source URL and the words that show up in both texts highlighted in yellow for up to three result postings. You may see ovals in our outcomes also. This separates segments of potential copy wording.

Basically, CopyScape and all plagiarism checkers uses search engine like Googles to search for the original source of the content. If the sentences match up from any other site on Google, the content’s plagiarism is caught. The rest is upto the owner then!