create email ist

No matter what the work you are doing online, the worthful thing you can always have is an email list. Email marketing gives you a way to reach your targeted audience right away through their inbox. Contrast to the blog post, where they have to take their time to visit your blog or website.

Email list is something you get popped on your screen when you visit a blog or website asking to subscribe for any particular product they own which they are willing to share with you through the mailing list.

Email marketing is a best strategy to put your products a glance to your readers/followers with a less effort but in an effective manner. No! You don’t need any blog or website to create your own email list.

Here I show how to create an email list for you

create email list

  1. Go to aweber. This site allows you to create an email list even you have no one blog or website.
  2. Sign up with your actual information.
  3. Using the templates option provided by them, create one on your own with a good and specified way. Be more creative and use eye catchy titles.
  4. No long filling sign up forms. Be as simple as you can. Just name and email id can do better.

You are done with sign up process. Now select aweber host sign-up form. This will generate a unique URL for you. This helps you to generate traffic for you.

You can provide the subscribers with an eBook or webinar or videos which help your audience to give a chance to know more about what is the information you are going to give you through this form.

Based on the email service provider, they will host your digital asset for you. The digital asset will be delivered to the subscribers when they confirm their email.

If your email provider doesn’t support then you can opt for lead magnet feature provided by LeadPages. The feature Lead magnet is created to deliver your digital asset upon subscription. You have to upload your digital asset to your account dashboard.

Tips to drive traffic to your sign-up form

  • Make a cover page on your Facebook page to let the audience know about it in a glance. So make it more user viewable friendly.
  • Provide sign-up option. This helps the users to get access at an instance.
  • You can go with organic traffic or paid traffic if you have enough money.
  • Tweet about your sign-up form using twitter platform in a pinned manner which always appear on the top of your timeline.

Making money can be easier if you manage email list with utmost respect, which is a long term money provider.

Take time to build trust on you from your users. Then only sell them your affiliate products. It ruins trust if you are hurry. Don’t just see them as money machines. Do respond them immediately for their queries. Try to be more specific and send emails on regular basis. Build a friendly rapport with the users this way. Let them know the benefits of the subscription rather than the features included in it.

Never underestimate the power of an email list. It is the great way to generate income to your mail. Make money without creating a blog or a website this way if you don’t like to build a blog or website for you.