You may not know this, but Internet is actually divided into three different parts. These are surface web, deep web and dark web. What are these things? What do they mean? What is the basic difference between them? If you don’t know these things, don’t worry. Today, I am going to tell you all about this. And believe me, this is something you would definitely want to know.

Difference between types of web in Internet


  • Surface Web

We all know Internet is a big thing. But you have no idea how big it really is. Just know this, everything you are using now, Google, Facebook, and all the things you can search through search engines; they are all part of the surface web. You are reading this article on our site now, it is surface web.

Whatever things you can find on search engines and even YouTube is known as and comes in surface web.

Now, this surface web constitutes only 4% of the Internet. So, you are actually just using and accessing 4% of the internet daily. Believe me, I am not lying. It’s true!

You must be wondering now that if whatever you normally see is just a pinch of the internet, where is the rest 96% of it?


That remaining part is Deep web.

  • Deep Web

This is another part of the internet which is not indexed by Google any search engine. It basically means that you cannot search for all this things in Google or any other search engine. But, what actually is in the Deep Web?

These are Google drive and other cloud storage platforms where you store your important or private data. And these are never shared on search engines for privacy purposes. Nowadays, nearly every internet user has his/her own cloud storage where they store their private and important stuffs like personal photos, videos, files, documents etc.

Difference between types of web on Internet

You can share the data stored here with whoever you want, but it won’t be released personally unless someone manages to hack into them.

So, it is said that this cloud storage constitutes the 96% part of the internet.

  • Dark Web


Now, this is something dangerous. Reason? Because it’s completely illegal. Dark web is where the illegal stuff happens on the internet. Weapons trade, illegal porn, drugs and many more. So, I would advise you to avoid visiting here at all cost. It’s illegal to even visit dark web and you can’t access dark web with your normal web browser or search engine. You require a special browse called Tor browser also known as The Onion Router to access Dark Web. Now, I won’t be telling you more about this and anything else on how to go to Dark Web because it’s illegal and a very dangerous place really.

My advice? Stay as far from it as possible if you want to stay clear of trouble.


So, these are the basic difference between Surface Web, Deep Web and Dark Web. I hope this article clears all your doubts on this topic and help you understand internet and web in a better way. Please share it with others if you like this article. Let others also know the secret of the internet.