domain authority

Everyone have their own standards of determining the website value. People often calculate it by noting Google Page Rank, Alexa Rank, Domain Authority etc.
Domain Authority is Moz’s prediction of how the website will perform in search results. It determines website strength. The nearer it is to 100 the better it is. Many metric are responsible for determining Domain Authority like number of total links, rootdomain links, MozRank etc. Domain Authority keeps fluctuating depending upon your SEO scores.

Have you been tracking your Domain Authority and feeling sad. Don’t panic you are not alone. A dip in domain authority is due to mishandling of links and few other metrics and it can be covered up. This does not mean DA cannot be improved nor it means it will get higher in the next index. If you have been noticing a great drop in DA value, it may implies Moz removing links that it think Google may not be including. It fluctuates with every Google Update.
Domain Authority drop may be because of following reasons:

You are not active on social
Your presence on social networking platforms is crucial for improving traffic. People share the information via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. These platforms draw lot of traffic thus increasing your website score.
To improve your DA you must create social accounts and regularly post your content there. A tip: Google+ will also influence your search rankings.

Your website is loaded with lot of badlinks
Badlinks are spammy links in your comment section which drastically hit domain authority. Always check your comments and community sections. Remove such links as soon as you discover them. Also see where your links are directing. They may direct on link farms promoting prohibited content. This is a part of black hat SEO, which google dislike. Even the link to penalized website or a website of low quality is a reason for domain authority drop.

Your link building is unnatural
Inbound links from a reputed source is great for improving you domain authority position. It should be completely natural. Juicy backlinks keep the traffic flowing. Create quality content. People will automatically link to it.

Your content quality is not good
Good quality and informative content is what draw traffic in millions. The more the people searching for your website, more will be the trust flow. Trust flow increases the DA authority value. So, focus on your content quality and provide users with informative, non-plagiarized and spun free content.

You are not communicating with bloggers
We often think, Guest Bloggers have selfish intentions. They need links and traffic from you. Sometimes things may be opposite. Top-notch guest bloggers may give you a high quality content and massive new traffic on your page.

You are not guest posting on other websites
Write a good quality post with lot of worthy information embedded. Donate this to other website of higher domain authority with a link or two directing at your website. This will bring lot of traffic to your page.

Don’t go crazy chasing numbers. In fact, Word towards delivering best to users. Anything luring people will increase your domain authority automatically.