Drivers in the marketplace for a double camera dash cam system, might be intrigued in a kit made by SoloTech called the DriveSafe. The two camera system was specifically designed to monitor the driver and the road in front to create a safer driving experience for both you, your family or business fleet of vehicles. In addition to recording footage of the road in front of your automobile the system is outfitted with a camera that’s capable of tracking your eyelids along with your face place, alerting you when your eyes aren’t where they are supposed to be. Inspired by six Light-emitting diode lights the DriverSide camera may monitor your facial features through the night or at low light conditions and won’t disturb your vision while you drive, say its founders.

The intent is to raise $20, 000 to go into production. With all the face recognition technologies built into the microprocessor, the DriverSide camera is a comprehensive driver safety tracking system. Do not worry, the DriverSide Camera doesn’t capture any footage and doesn’t have an internet connection. The DriveSafe Double camera dash cam system is currently available to back via Kickstarter with earlybird pledges available from $69 or £, 49, with delivery expected to take place during July 2018. Regardless if you’re a pro driver or go on the road with buddies, the DriveSafe tracking system can be the best friend and life saver. DriveSafe uses advanced programming which will alert you if your eyes close for more than 1.2 seconds. After warnings Drivesafe will urge pulling on to rest break.