WhatsApp is a popular and widely used instant messaging app. It can be used to chat, send pics, audios, videos and other documents to a person or a group. Recently, WhatsApp even introduced a feature allowing users to make free calls someone through WhatsApp only. This vibrant range of amazing features is the reason for WhatsApp becoming a giant when it comes to instant messaging services. But what WhatsApp recently lacks is the ability to have a dual WhatsApp account on same device

In this article today, I am going to teach you all to use two WhatsApp account on same device. Usually, we utilize Android phones with Double Sim facilities. But, WhatsApp allows you to make only one account on a device. We can create two WhatsApp account for both numbers however we can’t get to them at same time on same device. There are some instances when we use two different numbers for different purposes. So, it will be nice to have dual WhatsApp account on one device. Isn’t it?

First Method: Dual WhatsApp Account By Using WhatsMapp Solo.

WhatsMapp Solo is an Astounding Application. By using this App one can have dual WhatsApp account on a single device without any problem. It provides custom icons, Status bar color changing in Lollipop version. The best part is it is an antiban App.

Dual WhatsApp account
WhatsMapp Solo

Steps To Make Account On WhatsMapp Solo

  1. Download this App and install it into your Android device.
  2. Follow the same steps then as you follow to make a WhatsMapp account. But, do not use the same number to create the account.


Second Method: Dual WhatsApp account By using OG WhatsApp.

Dual WhatsApp account
OG WhatsApp

Steps To Make Account On OGWhatsapp

  1. You need to backup your chats from the WhatsApp settings first. For this, Go to WhatsApp Settings >> chat settings >> Backup chats.

Dual WhatsApp account2. Then, Go to your phone settings >> Application >> WhatsApp and click on it and tap the clear data option.

Dual WhatsApp account3. Now go to your WhatsApp folder whether it is located on phone storage and SD card and rename it to OGWhatsapp.

4. Uninstall your original WhatsApp.

5. Then you need to download this App and install it into your Android phone.

6. Create your account and after that, enjoy!

7. Download the original WhatsApp and restore your old chats. So now, you have dual WhatsApp accounts on same device.

So these are the two best tricks two have dual WhatsApp accounts on a single Android device. Hope at least one of these will work for you. Share this with your friends and if you face any problem in the above mentioned steps, write to us in the comments below.