make money without advertising on your blog

Bloggers just don’t limit your earnings through placing ads on your site like google adsense, chitika, infolinks. You can also gain money without advertising on your blog.

As many bloggers know making money through ads to their blog is an easy way. But it distracts the readers view and the page looks messy. So you can even earn money by not choosing ads. It helps look your page more professional though. You can be more professional by using these tips. But you need some patience and must work hard to maintain some standards so that you make profit.


5 ways to make money through your blog without advertising.

  • Sell eBook

Rather than relying on some one’s products, you write your ideas into an eBook and post them to your site. It helps your targeted readers looking for you more, which means you can grow audience interest in hearing on what you say and also an in built traffic through this. By selling eBooks you can attract more viewers to your site. If you think anything important for your readers in digital way you can always create some apps or software related. This encourages more views to your page.

  • e-course or webinars

If you are a great speaker then why not trying webinars or e-course when one is willing to pay to get access to them. Sometimes readers may not feel comfortable reading. So they can have a view regarding a topic through your voice.

  • Paid reviews

Some bloggers earn money through paid reviews. This can be of variety of products. Choose your niche and go for them. You can be paid based on how the review helps readers. Simply based on reader’s views and likes you get your pay. Many websites offers this way. Pick up the one you are more comfortable with.

  • Be more professional

If you excel writing on a particular niche, then this suits you well. Create a page on your blog to hire you. Be always available to those who are willing to hire you. There are many recruiters looking for talented writers, who pay you a fair amount. Good writing skilled are always on demand. Sharpen your skills and let them look for you to hire.

  • Premium blog

If your blog have a good traffic and lot followers, then you can make your blog premium. You can ask for a little in the beginning for subscription. Later when you get good response you can always make the fee for which you and payee are comfortable with.

Remember it is not that easy as speaking. It tests your patience. Being more patient earns you more. Be more creative towards your work with more productivity. So that you can create your blog without advertising.