Are 3D printers actually becoming eco-friendly and using beer, hemp and coffee filaments ?

Every time you hear about 3D printing technology, you hear about an innovation. Perhaps, this has become the most rapidly escalating and growing industry, at present. Actually, it can be conveniently said that 3D printing has motivated everyone right from the engineers to designers to even startups. We are aware that most 3D printing is done using plastic. Just recently we heard about metal being used for creating parts of spaceships and rockets by big names. However, for regular small business owners or designers, engineers who sell 3D printed items, there is now a breakthrough. A firm based in North Dakota known as 3DomFuel has started making use of beer, coffee, hemp and other waste materials to create 3D printing filament.

3DomFuel thought that plastic being non-biodegradable is not an environment friendly material to use for 3D printing. So, they began to search for new materials. They learned about a local company making use of plastic along with other agricultural waste to make new materials. At that time, they decided to make a 3D printer filament using a similar method. Their first attempt became an immediate success.

The startup has named the filament “Wound Up”. There is an interesting thing to note about the products created by using this filament, they smell like coffee at first. So, depending upon your taste you may like it or detest it. The filament feels grittier texture-wise compared to regular PLA or ABS plastic. It has got a deep brown shade. As per 3DomFuel the filament will be mainly used for objects themed around coffee such as coffee cup sleeves and filter holders.

The fun or innovation does not stop here, the firm has also created filament using hemp known as Entwined. It also made use of waste malt from brewing beer to make filament known as Buzzed.

Being eco-friendly, is the crying need of the hour, today. It is our duty to conserve nature, protect our environment and at same time create new technology while safeguarding our natural resources.
3D printers are the the future of innovations and manufacturing. Eco friendly printers will help in attaining this goal without further pressure on our ecosystem. The eco friendly 3 D technology is aimed at decreasing, managing and eradicating waste.

Becoming eco friendly is the necessity of life and not a fad. It needs both attention and performance. Blending eco friendly resources with modern technology yields technology that can benefit both mankind and our planet.

Nonetheless, the prospects and outcomes of eco-friendly of 3D printing technology are bright. This initiative is considered to revolutionize the manufacturing sector and definitely going to escalate it to a higher level.

To release the actual potential of 3D printing as a eco friendly manufacturing technology, the key will be to reduce the prices to encourage those who wish to embrace this technology. This will help in making this technology reach everyone's doorsteps.

So, now, 3D Printing is also getting tastier by the day, may be, soon it will be become edible too!