As internet is the main source of information provider these days, we go on searching for things we are unaware of. When we find useful information we tend to copy it. But some websites disable right click option to make their content hack proof. However we need some content on how-to, then this makes one irritate. Anyway we can use some content from it if we enable right click or ctrl+c options.

Follow these simple steps to enable right click option

Bloggers generally use java script to disable the functionality of right click or ctrl+c options. No need to worry if you are not aware of this. I’m here to help you through this.

Disable Java Script in different browsers

Google Chrome

  • Click on the menu button of the chrome browser which appears on the top right corner of the window with 3 dots
  • Select settings from the drop down menu
  • Select show advanced settings. Scroll down to locate it.
  • Below privacy section select content settings


  • Under java script select ‘do not allow any site to run java script’ and click done

Mozilla Firefox

  • Click on ToolsOptions from menu bar
  • Go to content tab
  • Uncheck ‘Enable JavaScript’ option and click ok

Internet Explorer

  • Select settings button on the top right corner of the window
  • Select Security tab
  • Now select Custom level and scroll down for Active X controls and plug-ins


  • Under Allow Scriptlets choose enable option and click ok to make settings saved

Source code

This is another option which too works quite well if you are comfortable with. Don’t go to this option when you are not good at this. If you edit other than what you are supposed to, it will function abnormally.

enable right click

Press Ctrl+u to view the source code of the particular page. Find the area for which you have to enable ctrl+c option and edit it. You can edit the images also if you want them to copy. Refresh the page when you are done.

Browser extensions

You can also rely on the browser extensions provided by browsers. Download and install those extensions. They will work for you. You can simply relax. Do it once and no need to repeat for the sites individually whenever you have to enable the right click option. RightToCopy for chrome and RightToClick for chrome extensions.