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Keyloggers are risky as they can record the open sites, your keystroke, and track your activity. This makes all your accounts vulnerable to hackers. These key loggers can also detect your bank account details. So it is better that you avoid them as much as possible.

As the work of keyloggers is to just record the keystrokes, encrypting the keyboard can help avoiding keyboard spoofing. So, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to encrypt your keyboard to avoid keyloggers.

How to Encrypt Keyboard to Avoid Keyloggers

If you encrypt the keystrokes of your keyboard, the keylogger will record only some random characters while you type something. It means that keylogger will record a value different from actual one. There are lots of software for doing this, but we recommend using Keyscrambler as it is much easier to use.

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Step 1: First of all, download and install the KeyScrambler. Click on the word link to download it.Key Scrambler UI

Step 2: Once the installation is complete you have to reboot your computerInstall KeyScrambler

Step 3: Right click on the KeyScrambler icon in the system tray at the right bottom of the screen. Click on ‘Options’ tabKeyScrambler Options Window

Step 4: Once the Options window opens up, you can alter the settings for KeyScrambler according to your wish. Click on OK to save the changes in settings. Now your KeyScrambler is ready, and you don’t have to worry about keyloggers anymore.

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Similar Type of Software

Oxynger KeyShieldOxynger KeyShield

It is an anti-screenshot and secure virtual keyboard that protects passwords and other sensitive information from hackers. Oxynger Keyshield protects the user from screen logging, clipboard logging mouse logging, keystroke logging, and shoulder surfing.

Zemana AntiloggerZemana Antilogger

Zemana Antilogger identifies and prevents all kinds of financial deception and online identity theft. It allows you to camouflage daily online activities like texting, calling, banking and more, so that the intruders never get pick into it.

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Guarded IDGuarded ID UI

Guarded ID eliminates vulnerability of data from Keylogging attacks, which is a major cause of cyber-crimes. Patented by StrikeForce, this anti-keylogging software secures your personal and financial information by encrypting every one of your keystrokes. It also provides other advanced features like anti-screen capture and anti-clickjacking for a better layer of protection from cyber attackers.

You can also try some paid anti-keylogging software for advanced protection of your data. Some of them are SpyShelter, Keylogger Detector, and Dataguard AntiKeylogger.

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