News :  Samsung has recall all the Galaxy Note 7 due to sudden burst in flames during charging.

You are wondering how could a smartphone is catching fire ?Is this a rumour? or really happened?

After over 30 verified incidents of overheating problems across the globe, Samsung decided decision to recall every piece of 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7  sold.



Why in the first place did these Note 7 even catch fire to begin with?

Here’s Some of the reasons behind Samsung’s battery woes.

The Real Science behind it.

The the very basics behind phone battery combustion is : These phones use lithium ion battery capacitor (Contains highly Flammable liquid)for storing the charge/power. Short circuit occurs when phone started to heated up in the least potential difference zone. If it heats up the flammable liquid inside the cell quick enough, batteries can easily explode at any given time.



Lithium is known to be used from very early time, So why is now it is exploding? Why is only Note 7 reacting?

So what is so different about Note 7: Speculation are that Samsung might have accidentally compacted its batteries more than the specific ratio.”The defect was Initially surfaced when many contributing factors started to happen simultaneously” a Samsung representative Comment back.

What does pressure comes in burning phone?

It is explained by MIT professors that in this eras smartphone’s batteries are very small, These are manufactured by pressing together a a bunch of battery capacitors – And with each passing day they are been more compacted to save space as much as possible.

Why didn’t the phones catch fire immediately?

As far as reports are concerned Note 7 didn’t explode right after buying them, In every instance of exploding of a Note 7, either it happened after plug in to the high voltage circuit line or keep at overnight changing.

It is very simple if you are a samsung Note 7 user. Contact any authorised samsung retailer and exchange the time bomb ticking in your life.



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