Facebook is an immensely popular social networking site with a huge dedicated user base. And users upload lots of their private pics, info and even day to day activities on Facebook. And so, the security and privacy becomes an important part of social networking sites. We don’t want someone using our personal information and stuffs for wrong purposes. Therefore, it becomes very essential that we keep our Facebook account secured every time. How can you do that?? Just read this article till the end…

Security Tips for Facebook Account

  1. Keep a solid password – Always keep your password strong, solid and unique. Use different passwords for different accounts. Try to use a combination of letters, numbers and special characters.
FB security settings
Always keep a STRONG Password                                                

2. Initiate All Security Settings – Keep your account secured by linking it to your Email       accounts and mobile number. Try to add at least 2 email addresses and mobile numbers       to your Facebook account. This way, you will have a backup option if you one of them is         not accessible at the moment.

3. “About” Settings – This is the section where all your personal information is stored for         others to see. You can always choose as to whom this info will be visible to. You can             keep them secure from unknown persons by choosing them to be seen by Friends or           Only Me.

4. Privacy Settings – This is the section where you decide who can see and access your         personal information and stuffs on Facebook. Keep the setting such that only your                 Facebook friends can see your photos, videos, status or any of your Facebook activities.       Keep visiting this section once in a while to check and verify your settings. Never allow           unknown strangers access to your Facebook stuffs or activities since they can misuse           them. And you may get in trouble because of that.


FB security settings
Privacy is important 

5. Links and Apps – Never tap on any suspicious links sent by your friends or any                   companies. Even if you do, do not reveal your password by signing in to your account             again if prompted to do so. Always access your Facebook account by the URL                         www.facebook.com only, since there are many fake links to hack or trap your accounts.     Double check any app before permitting them access to your Facebook profile and info.         And again, NEVER enter your Facebook password in any app even if prompted by them.

6. Update your Browser timely – Keep your browsers updated every once in a while.             Latest versions of browsers come with enhanced security features and settings. They even     alert you if you visit any suspicious sites. Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Internet             Explorer are the most preferred browsers for Facebook.

I hope this article has been useful to you. After all, Facebook is the most widely used social networking site where you update most of your personal information. You don’t want these info in wrong hands to get you in trouble. Let us know in the comments what you think in this matter. Also share this article to spread awareness and help others keep their Facebook account secured too.