Facebook advertisements will start feeling a bit more as a virtual fitting room. The company announced today that it’ll begin implementing augmented reality advertisements into the News Feed. These AR advertisements are in the testing phase, and users in the united states will be the only ones that will see them for now. The new feature allows users to try on the merchandise which are advertised through a procedure very comparable to that of a Snapchat filter. In a good Example, Facebook has revealed the new AR advertisement with a set of Michael Kors sun glasses, however it may be applied to all kinds of ecommerce goods.

Users will be capable to interact with digital versions of fashion accessories, cosmetics, and furniture before purchasing them throughout the app. There is Already plenty of big name shops on board, Sephora, Wayfair, and Pottery Barn are a couple of the businesses which are ready to begin testing this summer. Shopping for Instagram Stories are also expanding in the months leading up to the holidays as well. Last month, Facebook began allowing brands to put stickers on an Instagram narrative to link out and allow an individual purchase the advertised item. Only a few select brands were able to start utilizing the decals then, but the program will start going out worldwide today.