Well well well ! That didn’t take damn too long.After two days of initial incident FB officials had decided to kick the whole Editorial team behind its Trending Section news. As reported that ” It like a foolish bots are handling the section and making such delusionals decisions. This year, last month (Aug. 28), a fake story about Megyn Kelly (Anchor in Fox) has been let up in the Trending section of Facebook’s homepage.

In this fake story it is claimed that Megyn Kelly had been fired due to backing presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. And had over 200k followers and likes on Fb. When the error was sported it is finally removed next morning. But as it have already done the damage. Klelly’s rating has fallen a new low, which is very disgraceful for per say.

So when the reporters began to investigate the truthfulness of the story. They reported that “Fb immediately weren’t available for comment.”

As this mistake doesn’t happen twice Fb took initiative and lay off whole working Trending division on the platform. On 26th August whole team of 2 years were asked to hand over their pcs and mobile phones. They were asked to vacant the New York’s office within a weeks with about 2 weeks’ severance packages .Also some source reported to Quartz that around 16-18 people were dismissed from job that day. Since that day, another source confirmed that 7 copy editors and 19 curators were laid off, taking total of 26 people.

Previous reports from Hq department suggests that Fb has previously used an algorithm to scan user-posted datas, which the Trending team editors would organise for its Trending section stories. Then the copy-editors would write a summary of the news, to be displayed on the Trending section.

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Now, Facebook is slowly dismissing all human components to make it anti biased friendly. Its is developing such AI so that the algorithm works on its own. Facebook officials commented on Friday “Only humans are making this system biased. New algorithm is almost ready. But It seems that it still required a few more touch to cancel out negative news / fake news.