iPhone Stuck
iPhone Stuck Issue resolved

To buy an iPhone is a dream for some one. They invest their hard earned money in buying that. High end persons don’t regret buying them as it doesn’t have an impact on them. As iPhone is highly secured many don’t regret buying it. But at times iPhone get stuck on the logo. This is time hard earned feels bad luck and has to invest some time and money to get the problem solved. Sometimes it works on itself and you may think the issue has been resolved. But as the time goes the severity increases. It shuts down frequently and end up unresolved. To keep in check with this I provide some useful tips in this article.

Look on how to resolve iPhone stuck

Here are some such scenarios your iPhone might stuck

IPhone users have to update their iOS using iTunes. During the update of the OS your phone may restart several times to make new changes. Here comes the problem when your phone doesn’t update properly. It says the phone update failed and the device has been unplugged. If the phone starts again it shows the device has been plugged. Now the anti-virus comes into action and it have to scan the device. This stops the update and eventually end up corrupting the phone. This is the scenario of your iPhone stuck you often come across.

It also happens when you try to root your phone or jail break to enable the features other unrooted devices can’t have access to. As rooting is illegal and it doesn’t allow the user to get updates. Before knowing the consequences of rooting no one should root the device. If at all you have to perform rooting, firstly you have to back up your data. Now after the completion of rooting user tries to restore the data. Now at the time of restoring the phone may get crash and results in stuck at the logo and the data may get corrupted.

Also if you download any data from untrusted sources this situation occurs.

Whatever the consequences may be it gives headaches to the users. Let us try to resolve your problem with iPhone stuck on logo screen first and start using your phone happily again.

5 methods to resolve the issue of iPhone stuck

Hard Reset

Hold and press both power button and home button simultaneously until the logo disappears and your phone restarts.

Image result

This is the easy way to resolve the problem. But sometimes it doesn’t seem to be working. Based on the condition of the phone and severity of the issue it depends.

DFU Method

Putting your phone in DFU (Default Firmware Update) method may help solving the issue. To implement this,

  • Connect your phone to PS using USB cable. You have to use iTunes to resolve this issue. If not installed make it first.
  • Press and hold power and home buttons simultaneously for few seconds and release only power button. Keep on holding the home button until iTunes display that it has detected iPhone on DFU mode.
  • This will automatically restart your phone’s firmware. Make sure to back up your data before proceeding to this method.

Restore Factory Settings

Before proceeding with this solution make sure to back up your data.

  • Press the home button and hold it.
  • On the other end connect phone to PC using USB cable.
  • iTunes automatically detects and start restoring factory settings upon user agreement.
  • Later you can restore back up data.

Using Tenorshare ReiBoot App

  • Download and install rei boot software in your PC.
  • Connect your phone to PC using USB cable
  • Open the application
  • Click on exit recovery mode.
  • It will start recovering and your phone works as usual.

You no need to fear losing your data. You can secure the data most of the times. Back up can save any loss further.

Boot The Device

Switch off the phone by pressing home and power buttons at a time. Now restart using power and volume up keys simultaneously. It starts rebooting your phone and helps you resume your work. It takes some time to start the phone than usual. But don’t panic. Nothing happens to your phone or data.

These are some useful methods to recover your iPhone stuck. Hope these tips help you in resolving the issue. Make sure your data is back up before proceeding with any of these methods. There are chances of losing data.