Android 6.0 Marshmallow is one of the most advanced versions of Android and comes with lot of stability factors and improvements included by the developer, Google. Though, even after stability inductions and advanced corrections, a few errors are bound to occur and user have reported for the same. Screen Overlay Detected is one of these most common errors reported by users. According to them, it mostly occurs with applications that bring up floating interface on top of Android interface or on the screen. Hence, it blocks the use of such apps and sometimes tends to close them. This might be difficult for the users to fix by themselves. Therefore, we have written a step-by-step method through which users can fix this error.

How to Fix Screen Overlay Detected Error in Apps on Android

It is a quite simple and easy method. Just follow the steps discussed below to continue:

  1. Look up the app that is causing the error on your Android device. It can be easily done by running every app with floating menus or messages functions. You can get up the issue for certain defaulted apps and consequently, you get the faulty apps.fix-screen-overlay-detected-error-in-apps-on-android1
  2. Once you know which apps are causing the Screen Overlay Detected error, go to the device’s Settings and then head over to App Settings from there. You will be able to see a gear icon on top right corner of settings screen, tap on
  3. Go to the ‘Special Access’ option from the equivalent screen and tap on the option ‘Draw Over Other Apps’. You can easily find this option if you are on the correct screen, otherwise recheck the earlier steps again.draw-over-apps
  4. Now, on the screen, you can see all the apps that use the ‘Screen Overlay’ permission. Locate the apps that you found to be causing up the error from that list and tap on it. In the next screen, you can see an option “Permit Drawing Over Other Apps”, enable it from the toggle button.fix-screen-overlay-detected-error-in-apps-on-android5
  5. Now your device will work perfectly again and there shouldn’t see such error again on your device. Though, if you feel that error still persists even after you have disabled the suspected app, then disable ‘Permit Drawing Over Other Apps’ permission for all the applications on your Android device. It would surely fix up the error.

This was the method for resolving Screen Overlay Detected error on Android devices whilst using apps that use floating screen functionality. We hope that you liked the article. Share your views or doubts in the comments section.