watches: one may wear that just for watching time, the other may use the same for adding to his style and personality. But the common thing is we all have a love for watches. What if it is combined with hi-tech by the world’s best company? Just think of our obsession of style meeting technology and for the same Fossil Q is here. The one of its kind and for everyone, whether you are a techie, a fashionista or a fitness lover. Everything at the same place because the world is for the smart.

Time for a change
It’s not been a long time that for different purposes you had to keep a large number of items like for style and fashion, a stylish watch, for fitness purpose-a fitness band etc. But what if all of that comes in one? Moreover, in the past we had seen that choosing a smart watch wasn’t easy at all and they were not so stylish. So, this time Fossil gets into play and they delivers it in style. Fossil Q, a wearable that changes your life with its brand new stylish design combined with the cutting-edge technology. That’s the beauty of the design that you can’t get over it.

The best thing about it is that it is capable of doing a wide range of tasks and is compatible with both iOS and the Android Operating System; moreover the style it brings with itself is another plus point which will make you go crazy with it. So, tell me can you ask for anything better?

Not only fitness apps, it keeps you connected to your social world all the time, change and personalizes your watch like the way you want with your favourite colours and what not?

Design or Look? Why compromise?

The problem with smart watches is that they are designed for a specific look. Just like, all the fitness band are usually designed with a sporty look, but can you wear that with a suit and tie? I guess not. So for the type of guy, those who want to rule the world and can’t take chances with their look, style and fitness. The only answer is Q. It collects all your data over a wide range of activities performed by you in your daily life like running, cycling and walking moreover powered by Intel Innovation and its compatibility with Android 4.3 and plus, iPhone and above beats them all and has got appreciation all over the world. One more key feature of the Fossil Q is that it is compatible with most of the high end fitness apps that keeps you healthy and keeps track of all your fitness activities.

Get Ahead of the World
So, to get ahead of the world, to step up and give yourself a challenge, do it all. And that’s what Fossil do and what other inspires them to do, getting better and better. Cutting edge technology with the cool vintage and stylish look, something that keeps you connected to the world and keeps you aware of your daily and weekly challenges along with the advantage of customization of your choice. The world is changing to be the best, work for becoming better than the world.