The social factor assumes a noteworthy part in search engine rankings. But, it’s actually difficult to get social shares for specific sorts of contents .Most of the time generally, social traffic is not easy to get.
For example, if you blog about SEO, individuals who are in the business and who communicate with your content may not share it via web-based social media sites since it’s not the type of substance that is by and large talked about on spots like Facebook.
Whereas content from sources like 9gag and viral video sites will probably do well. Indeed, even a bland publication like the Wall Street Journal or Economic times will do well via social media.
But, how do regular bloggers like you and me get the social traffic we long for? Don’t worry! There is a solution to this problem also…
An incredible tool that assists with social sharing and shareability is SmartBribe.
SmartBribe, as indicated by its founder, was conceived out of a thought from one of Noah Kagan’s sites. In this site, they gathered email IDs as a byproduct of some bit of contents (i.e. a lead magnet), yet they added a twist to the ‘Thank you for Subscribing’ page.
The normal method for presenting a ‘Thank You’ page resemble this one:

A simple Thank you Screen

But, with SmartBribe, you can include another layer by having your Subscriber tweet the content as an in return of an additional reward. This implies there is double the esteem for the client if they subscribe and tweet.
The other side is that if the client does not have any desire to tweet and taps on ‘No Thanks’, then you don’t get the user’s email address. This is one setback of this tool.
But, if the reader taps on Click to Tweet’, then…

SmartBribe click to tweet screen

A pre-composed tweet is prepared:

Pre-written tweet

And once a man is done tweeting, they go to the following page where they are asked to share the content to any one of their email contacts.

Asking to share with a friend

But, at this stage, they already have admittance to the additional bonus. So sharing to the friend isn’t compulsory.

The most effective method to utilize SmartBribe
For SmartBribe to work truly well, one needs to have exceptionally solid content that is very valuable to the user/reader. You should likewise have the capacity to gauge if it’s justified regardless of the risk of losing users due to this extra step .

Do this by:

  • Measuring email signups without utilizing SmartBribe
  • Measuring email signups with SmartBribe

In the event that the difference isn’t much significant, then proceed with it since social shares are truly important.
By utilizing SmartBribe and following the above tips & instructions, you can definitely increase the traffic on your website. So, don’t hesitate on giving SmartBribe a chance and comment below to let others know if it worked for you.