Google has been trying to break up the competition with its whole new smartphone Pixel range which carries all new software, amazing features, and great hardware too. This is the first step taken by Google to give tough challenge to its competitors as before this, the Google devices had same Android software that is used in all other smartphones and hence the introduction of Pixel range has created a huge difference in their quality devices. The Google Pixel comes with all new software and some amazing apps and features. But unfortunately, this isn’t possible as these new apps and software are meant for Pixel devices only. One of these new apps is the Pixel Camera App that has been clubbed with the best camera features.

The Pixel Camera app is an update of the existing Google Camera app, and thus it has features like grid lines and exposure compensation to the interface which we are already familiar with.

Here in this article, we have discussed the steps to install the Pixel Camera app on your Android devices. But, for this you must have a device with Android 7.0 or higher version and the “Unknown Sources” must be enabled in the Settings.

  1. Install the Pixel Camera App

First of all download the Ported Pixel Camera app on your Android device. Click on the link word to download the app on your device storage.CameraNX1 App

Now, install the app on your Android device and then open it after checking a few permissions. You will be able to use the new Google Pixel Camera app now, and the user interface of application will be similar to that of existing Google Camera app.

  1. Trying Out the New Features

The new additional feature of this app includes focusing on objects by tapping on the screen. The slider on the side of the screen is to increase or decrease the exposure.screenshot_1

Also, the little hashtag looking icon is for adding the gridlines to the viewfinder of the camera app. It is placed right next to the flash button on the top-right corner of the display.

This is the simplest method without any complication for installing Pixel Camera on your Android device.

We hope that the article was useful for you. Share your views and ideas in the comments section.

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