Google best Search engine, we keep Safari safe: Tim Cook

In associate degree Axios on HBO interview, Cook was asked why Apple takes Google’s benefit exchange for putting its program up front and centre on the iPhone — in result serving as a vessel for it to siphon a lot of knowledge. “I suppose their program is that the best,” replied Cook matter-of-factly, before admitting that the Apple-Google partnership is not “perfect.”

He then listed off the protection measures Apple has additional to expedition to “help” users higher navigate the program. “Look at what we’ve through with the controls we’ve inbuilt. we’ve personal net browsing. we’ve associate degree intelligent hunter hindrance,” aforesaid Cook, adding: “What we’ve tried to try and do is come back up with ways in which to assist our users through their course of the day. it isn’t an ideal factor. i might be the terribly person to mention that. however it goes a protracted thanks to serving to.”