Google Chrome OS 64 is here and it comes along with a ton of new features along with some overall security fixes and performance improvements. The construct is likely to get to the apparatus in the days that are forthcoming. The most recent version of Chrome OS has added a brand new shortcut for screenshots among other features. The upgrade has also made a system level optimizations to give users a better Android app encounter. As stated earlier, the Chrome OS construct 64.0.3282.134 brings along a shortcut for screenshots, mostly geared toward users of convertible Chrome OS devices. If you have a touchscreen based Chrome OS device, with this brand new feature you’ll be capable to catch screenshots by simply pressing the power button and volume button together.

This is comparable to the way you take a screenshot on your own Android phone or tablet computer. In addition to this, the new Chrome OS additionally this, the new Chrome OS. As such, it adds improvements to the improves the way of handling Android applications. Additionally, there’s now an option to allow protected media pipeline for Android along with applications and also a VPN for Google Play applications to allow an exact same window by default with override.

Furthermore, the upgrade an Intent Picker for Play matching settings. Brings Android Container Auto Update optimizations and touchscreen. For example, it comes along with fix for the potential side channel attack techniques particular to the harmful Spectre vulnerability. Google released the patch to Meltdown and Specter vulnerabilities in the past Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities in. Another major feature contained in the most recent version of its Chrome OS concurrently in the background. Version of Chrome OS is the support for running multiple Android applications devices that are supported. This attribute was earlier spotted from This Split View is aimed to improve multitasking on.

Nevertheless, 50% of the Chromebooks available from the market doesn’t provide support for Android apps. In addition, the Chrome OS 64 beta version along with a 3 layer protection to prevent web sites with ad abusive encounters. There’s best pop-up ad blocker along with a barrier for 3rd The best pop-up ad blocker along with a barrier for 3rd party content that’s embedded into Web pages. Lastly, the most recent party iframes to stop malicious auto redirects from any networking autoplay behaviour for Chrome OS users.