Google is shutting down its URL Shortener support, that was unveiled in the year 2009. The service for will be rejected over the coming weeks and will be replaced by Firebase Dynamic Links. The existing users of brief hyperlinks can continue to use all facets of console for a calendar year, before March 30, 2019 and it’ll be discontinued. Individuals who’ve never generated short hyperlinks before as well as anonymous users won’t be capable to access console starting Apr 12, 2018. Especially, Google’s URL Shortener support was launched for its Toolbar and FeedBurner, both of that have been closed down.

FDLs are clever URLs that permit you to send present and potential users to some location in an iOS, Android, or web program. We’re eager to raise and improve the product going forward. When most features of will ultimately sunset, all present hyperlinks will continue to divert to the intended destination, reads a Google Developers website article. Google urges Firebase Dynamic Links or services like Bitly and an alternative to create new links that are short. The present users of console can handle their brief links and their stats throughout the console throughout until March 30, 2019.

After this period, all hyperlinks will continue to divert. The consumer’s existing links won’t be migrated into the Firebase console. But, users can export their link info from the console. As for developers, Google urges utilizing FDL APIs to generate new links that are short. Starting May 30, 2018, only the projects that have accessed URL Shortener APIs before can produce short links. For developers that are already using URL Shortener APIs to control brief links, the support will be discontinued on March 30, 2019.