You may see a peek at Google’s next platform really, very soon. Evan Blass, a known source of technology leaks, has tweeted that Mountain View is targeting a month release to get Android P developer preview. We do not know exactly what P stands for yet, however because March fourteenth is Pi Day, many folks are imagining that Android’s forthcoming flavour is Pie. According to previous reports, Android P may have the capability to prevent idle applications from having the ability to get into your mic and camera.

That added security measure can protect you against malware which may capture background noise or take pictures without your consent. Additionally, it will reportedly support notches, that are cropping up on increasingly more Android phones since the iPhone X came out, along with screens. But, it won’t have a dark manner like rumors will instead feature a toggle which makes it simpler for programmers to test a night mode for their application. Once P developer preview comes out, we will know for sure whether these are real and what other features it could offer.