Phab 2 Pro

Google has announced its first phone Lenovo’s Phab 2 Pro with about 35 tango supported apps. The project was initiated in the year 2014. Tango allows the consumer to track the motion, to measure the localisation and many more. The company invested 500 million dollar for the startup. The investment is at its constant phase as Google is aiming to launch more AR phones till 2017. The lenovo Phab 2 Pro price is fixed to be $499 which is Rupees 33275. All the 35 apps that google announced are available at free cost in the play store app. The apps are supporting in both android and iOS devices.

The tango apps are  distinct from each other and are beautifully created. One of which is Measure in which your phone helps you to measure anything you would like. So gone are the days of searching of  scale or inch-tapes. Domino World app helps you to play dominoes without irritation of picking up the pieces eventually. Crayola Color Blaster app is a mesmerizing game app created by Legacy Games. The objective in this game is to attack the zombies with paint. The zombies appears like a real ones and you will run around the room in order to keep distance from them. The best part of tango apps is that they give the user a very fine reality view through their display. Their aim is to make you pretend  like if you are actually in the situation.

The app iStaging  permits you to set the furniture and other things in your home. It gives you better clue whether a  lamp will look decent on the table or a vase. Scenes  app assists the users to seize space in the volumetric 3D which is freaking cool. Slingshot Island, is more prettier than what the name describes. In this game you have to place  an island in the physical space of your room. Suppose you placed it on your dining table, from there you have to shoot the projectiles to solve the puzzles.  The great part is that your phone controls the motion at every bit. If you want to shoot the target, you have  to  move your phone around like a slingshot to establish a shot.

Hot wheels Track Builder  is a game where you can race toy cars in your own made creations. As  your phone is the motion controller,  you can pick the pieces up/ dropped somewhere by tilting your phone. Ghostly Mansion,  app is to collect the hints in the room by roaming around. Beside this, there are many educational apps from where one can learn many things to sharpen the memory.  These apps aims to give your children a better scope to prove themselves.  Solar Simulator is an educational app from where one can explore the details of the planets. From this app one can learn the material and life on other planets.

Right now only Phab 2 Pro which Lenovo group has launched arrives with tango supported apps .Google expects to make more debut in 2017 by making more AR-ready phones. Look ahead to buy tango supported app phones. The devices will be surely offered with distinct designs and best possible prices.