Google finally revealed her new stand-alone podcasts application for Android, known as Google Podcasts. The new mobile application utilizes Google’s recommendation calculations to suggest shows to users based on their listening habits. Previously, the search giant never really had a fantastic solution for podcasts, because Android users had to look for other applications to manage their subscriptions. It didn’t have a dedicated podcast management application outside of Google Play Music. Though in Apr this year, Google had rolled out a brand new feature where Android users may listen to subscribe to podcasts directly in Google Search, without the need for any apps installation.

Since that time, Google has been quickly iterating on the feature and has officially launched Google Podcasts. The Google Podcasts application is available at no cost on the Google Play. Nevertheless, there’s not any iOS app accessible right now nor have any plan for releasing one been announced yet. Obviously, the Google Search application and its own podcast functionality works on iOS as well. To remember, Apple had launched its dedicated podcast application for iOS in 2012. In the mean time, Google Podcasts is a quite simple podcasting application, and is basically a shortcut to the Google Search app functionality.

This sort of shortcut application is much like the stand-alone applications for Google Assistant and Google Lens. We attempted the Google Podcasts application on Android, that has a file size of just about 68KB. Users will be capable to search and subscribe to podcasts and Google has included a library of podcasts where nearly everything is available. Episodes of subscribed podcasts can be downloaded for off-line playback as well. Notably, the advancement gets synced throughout the user’s Google account plus they are also able to continue playing on the Google Home from where it was left. Very similar to the lately launched Google Tasks, the Podcasts application appears to be rather minimalist with regards to design. The Google Podcasts application also urges podcasts to the consumer based on subscriptions and hearing habits with AI suggestions becoming more personalized over time. The application also provides integration with Google Assistant.