Starting today and continuing on for the next week, Google is bring Where’s Waldo? . To Google Maps. On Android, iOS and desktop, you will see Waldo pop up in his signature white and red stripes and gives you a friendly wave. From there, just tap click him and you will see the ability to play the game that is straight from the classic kid’s puzzle books. This is one of Google’s annuals Apr Fools Day jokes, but the integration of Maps is in fact happening. Apart from Waldo himself, you will also be in search of his buddies Wenda, Woof, Wizard Whitebeard, and also the villainous Odlaw.

Once you find Waldo, you will be transported in places all around the globe, to start the search. There’s A Google Assistant component to this effort, you can ask where’s Waldo? . , on a Home speaker, Chromebook, or an Android smartphone. Well, I am not sure what happens, very honestly. But Google says something does. This is the second time in less than a month that Google has integrated a beloved brand on Maps for a limited time. In early March, users had the ability to replace the typical turn-by turn navigation arrow with Nintendo’s Mario, within a kart, of course. Which was in celebration of Mario Day, however this time it appears Like Google just wants to have a little of Apr Fools Day enjoyable and keep it going for the rest of the week.