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Before briefing Google Now and Google Assistant you should know Intelligent personal, voice activated digital assistants have come out of age. There has been a thorough competition resulting creation of several assistant apps. There is a growing pool of them on cross-platforms. With Apple launching Siri, Microsoft introducing Cortana, Google has craved to create something similar to work on all platforms. As a result, It bought us ‘Google Now’ and ‘Google Assistant’.

‘Google Assistant’ may better be called as Improved version of ‘Google Now’. You can’t prove me wrong here because ‘Google Now’ works in Android and IOS apps, whereas, ‘Google Assistant’ debut in ‘Google Allo’ , ‘Google Home’ and ‘integrated in Google Pixel Phone’.

It is intuited that the two may merge in one in near future.

Let’s go further in details.

Google Now

‘Google Now’ is a voice generated personal assistant and information navigator developed by technology giant GOOGLE.

Similar to Siri and Cortana, It allows you to do web search, social media activities, setting up reminders, fetching locations, booking movies and so much more. All you need is to input voice commands. There are many plus points that make it superior over Siri and Cortana. One is its ability to perform across all platforms be it Android or IOS. Secondly you can use it without actually picking it up. You just need to say “OK Google”, followed by your query. This will offer you hands free accessibility to your device.

Google Now impressively brings Google with beyond imagination intelligence. Let me brief it. If someone sends me an IM with address and date to carry out a specific task, Google Now will prompt me to add an event on Google Calendar as an appointment.

Now, There is a little drawback with Google Now and that is, It assist in providing knowledge from google search and get you with everything you want. But, it do not tend to know you personally. Great GOOGLE has launched a cure to it. This is how Google Assistant comes into existence.

Google Assistant

It is a pro version of Google Now. A smarter, more conventional voice-enabled assistant. Its functionality is just the same as of Google Now, yet it is loaded with few other perks. It is designed to be your personal assistant. It allows you two-way conversation. This is in between You and Google. It has more user-friendly interface.

Right now it is embedded in Google Allo, It is soon to come in Google Home and Google Pixel Phone. It has deeper artificial intelligence. Beside carrying two-way conversation it is able to memorize your personal information and recall data from your previous queries. You can raise questions and command it to do things. Say, you are willing to see the capital of India, you can ask Google Assistant, you can also see your train status and can see the temperature outside. You can tell it to play acoustic blue or jazz. It can set an alarm for you for an upcoming event.

What I like most about Google Assistant is its ability to perform uniformly across all devices, be it your wearable smartwatch, your phone, Google Home or your car.

The more you use Google Assistant, the more smarter it becomes. Your usage give it information thus helping it create a database. This way it continues to learn with time. It goes well with your favorite. Likes it can book a ride for on your favorite and most used cab service provider. Google home lets you switch on and off the lights and help you bring down the heat.

Some people raised the issue of privacy and security with Google assistant. It is totally safe and in your control. You need to decide what to share with google and what not to. There is an option of erasing past conversation at any time that erase data off its memory.

So, It is undebatedly, a boon to technology.


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