Google Photos has now added the capability to let you produce Love Story movies utilizing your old, but golden memories. The newest change comes via the Google Assistant integration inside the Photos program that delivers a committed Love Story theme to join your romantic shots together along with a soothing backdrop. The most recent theme sits alongside the two present themes, such as a Valentine’s Day Movie theme that Google brought in February. Google Photos also especially comprises the Meow Movie and Doggie Movie as the two pet focused themes to allow you showcase your love with pets – naturally, along with your partner.

To make a Love Story picture, go to the Assistant tab from the bottom of Google Photos program and after that tap Movie from the Produce new section. Then, hit the Love Story card to start the action. The theme demands a high number of pictures of your partner and you to make new pictures. Additionally, you have to permit the face grouping feature on Google Photos to allow the Assistant discover the faces of both of you. Once Google Photos gets the relevant images, you can edit the pictures utilizing the lately added enhanced video editing capacities. You may also add new pictures or videos into the timeline or modify the background theme music from the preset option a comparable acoustic guitar music which initially arrived on the Valentine’s Day theme.

Since Google Photos is available as a cross platform program, the Love Story movies can be created on devices running Android and iOS or directly via the Web. The new theme was initially spotted by people at 9to5Google. Previously this month, Google Photos obtained a Progressive Web App presence on Android and desktops. Google also last month introduced a feature to indicate select pictures as Favorite’. The Photos program can be set to receive the capability to Enjoy pictures shared by your mates or acquaintances.