Are  you waiting for a new phone with totally new specifications? Do you want unique features in your phone? Google is introducing their first ever phone “Google Pixel”! Pixel is the highest rated phone with the best smart phone camera that you won’t find in any other phone.

Now, you would need a huge memory space to keep all your videos and photos. Google Pixel has unlimited storage of data and photos so that you can keep all your important information in your phone itself. Features are many and the entire making of the phone is metallic The silver colour of the phone makes it look classy and amazing. Some  of the features are listed as under:

  • Built in Google Assistant: Google Pixel is the first ever phone with built in Google Assistant. The assistant will help you to locate places which are nearby and provide you with all the directions. The phone will also give you a prediction of whether it’s going to rain on Saturday or if your favourite team is going to win the match or not. Finding photos or reminding you of different tasks, Google Assistant provides you with every information.
  • Unlimited storage space for your photos and videos: Normally, it happens that you get notifications of your storage space being full but not anymore with Google Pixel. You can save unlimited photos and videos in your pixel and your phone won’t get hanged.
  • Keep your friends closer to you: You can easily make video calls with Google Pixel and keep your friends closer to you. Video calls can be made to both Android and iOs and the picture clarity is clear and there won’t be any interruption in between the calls.
  • Fast unlocking of the phone: Unlocking of your phone becomes easy with Pixel. Fingerprint sensor is provided in the phone which helps you to swipe down the phone very easily. You can have quick access to all your notifications. You can reply to all your messages instantly and in this way, you can keep close contact with your friends.
  • The screen is AMOLED and you can find million bright colours in the phone which will attract you most. The battery is made in such a way that it will last the whole day and 7 hours charge can be done in just 15 minutes. In this way, you can use your phone all day and the battery charge won’t reduce to the maximum.
  • Transfer of data: You might have important data in your earlier phone that you need to transfer to Pixel. This is easier than ever. Just take a data cable and take your earlier phone and by switching your device, you can transfer all your data.

The price of the phone is expected at Rs. 55000 and the price will be worth it. Google will provide you with all the necessary help that you need for Pixel! Best phone you will ever find! Do give it a try!


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