Google Plus tools are very well known for enhancing online marketing. The visibility of products on the the search engine is dependent on the promotion. More traffic your blog gets, more will be your reputation and sales of your product.

Google+ is a social networking website owned and developed by Google Inc. It was launched in 2011 and now with about 343 million users, Google+ is the second most popular social networking platform in the world. It integrates various services like Hangouts, Circles, Interest and Communities. It’s available for both desktop and smartphone as mobile application. On September 20, 2011, Google enabled creation of user accounts for people of more than 18 years with multiple improvements in areas of videoconferencing.

Top 18 Google Plus Tools to Improve Online Marketing

  1. Steady Demand Pro

Steady Demand Pro is a tool for advanced Google+ statistics and analyzing competitors and up to five other Google Plus profiles. You can learn the basics of how and when to publish.Google Plus Tools

  1. Googomi

Googomi is an interesting tool that allows generating a RSS for all the public issues of your profile. It is an ideal tool for getting your posts to all those users who don’t participate in this network.

  1. Integration With YouTube

Google+ is completely integrated with YouTube. Thus it is very useful to build your social presence in both places.

  1. Steady Demand: Google Plus Brand Audit Tool

Steady Demand is a great tool to audit accounts and extract data like how are Google searches linked, analyzing the quality of post & improving their SEO, and fixing common errors.

  1. Google Plus Badge Widget

Badge Widget is a WordPress plugin. It’s one of the best plugin to insert any widget in WordPress blogs. It facilitates easy and simple installation and configuration of plugins.\

  1. Recommended Users

It is a very efficient tool for finding people. It suggest you most significant users for every subject which would be interesting to include in your circles.

  1. Simply Measured

Partner with biggest social networking tools like Twitter’s Official partner, Facebook Marketing partner and YouTube certified partner, Simple Measured is one of the most popular google analytics tool.

  1. All My Plus

All My Plus is a tool that shows key metrics from your page or profile or person you wish to evaluate. You can also use it for analyzing statistics of a particular topic and the behavior of your publications. The data can be exported in excel format.

  1. Timing+

Timing+ is a compulsory tool for Google+. It reports the best time for publishing your posts so that they have a greater impact. It is done through analyzing the data of your previous posts when you had a greater impact. Everyone knows that correct time publish stresses better engagements in social networks.

  1. Friends Plus Me

Friends Plus Me allows you to publicize content on Google+ and automate pages, groups and profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and LinkedIn. It is for those people who are active on Google+ but want to automate in other social networks too.

  1. Engagor

Engagor is tool for managing and keeping track of your activities on social network. It is capable of analyzing and tracking all interactions.

  1. Circle Count

Circle Count intends for users to better understand how Google+ works and where they can find most popular personal profiles, pages, content, and much more.Google Plus Tools

  1. Notifications of Google+

This is a toolbar where you can see and track all notifications you receive on Google+ without going to the website.

  1. Do Share

Do Share is a Chrome extension that allows programming post, integrated in the browser only. It is the only tool that allows to program content from personal profile. You can share the hours which you want to share or define with which community or people you do it. But, it’s still under experiment and therefore has few bugs.Do share

  1. Circloscope

Circloscope is a very useful tool for management of circles in Google+. It gets the list of followers, people in your circle that follow, relevant people, members of communities, duplicates in circle and much more. It also shows list of people who have given you +1 and who have commented on your posts.

  1. Replies and More

Replies and More is a Google Chrome extension that adds some Google+ buttons to facilitate responses on any post comments. You can easily answer or reply to the commenters. It also integrates a drop for sharing your post on Twitter, Facebook or email.

  1. GPlusPlus

Transform your Google+ social environment by integrating with Facebook and Twitter, and letting you tweet/post on Twitter/Facebook without leaving the site.

  1. Easy Cover Maker

The last one in our list, Easy Cover Maker, helps you in creating your own cover page of personal profile or business in minutes. This tool allows you to modify, rotate, turn, move, and enlarge the picture so that it fits just the way you want it. You can also use Canva to design it.

Many people think that Google+ is not efficient, but truth is that it is one of the best social networks for promotion. You can easily find quality information and discuss with other professionals.

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