On 27 October 2016, Google has announced the India YouTube Ads leaderboard, a craved list of advertisements that India watched most on YouTube during this July, August, and September. The YouTube Ads leaderboard exhibits the most creative ads that people chose to watch during a fixed period of time. These are determined by algorithms which factors in paid and organic views, audience retention and watch time.

The top 10 advertisements include:

  • Sheron Ke Panje #MaaKaDhula

  • Mom Be A Girl Again

  • MP Mein Dil Hua Bacha Sa

  • Bajaj V – The Invincible

  • Biggest Small Change

  • Kinder Joy New Imagination

  • Kapil Sharma ne Dikhaya – Angrezipanti Ko Angootha

  • Pepsi Mood Vending Machine – A Good Exam Ends with PepsiMoji

  • Airtel Open Network

  • Fashion Kar Le And Style Bana Le with Myntra

The amount of watch time combining all the 10 ads amount to bewildering 2.8 lacs hours, where almost 72 percent of the ads were viewed on mobile devices, Google affirmed in a statement.

Google also added that “Emotionally engaging ad content came out as a winning ingredient for Indian viewers and based on the average watch time per ad, it is clear that people are happy to invest their time on advertising that they can easily relate and connect with.”

Out of the top 10 ads, seven advertisers namely Micromax, Pepsi, Amazon, Airtel, Bajaj, and Idea have taken this approach to attract more audience. Hence, all these ads were emotionally appealing, made to increase the average watch time.

Google has also said that brands like Dettol, Kinder Joy and Madhya Pradesh Tourism are telling stories from the point of view of kids which is successfully hitting the mark with Indian audiences.

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