Google Allo

Messaging and staying connected with people is what everyone desires in today’s world and Google Allo is one of the smart messaging application that has been introduced by Google. With the help of this application, it will become easy to express your feelings and words in a more better and convenient way with the use of stickers and emojis. People are introduced to a whole new world of emojis and icons that they have never seen before. Google Allo app has many new features along with the feature of creating doodles and sending it across to your most close friends and share some great moments together. Some of the features that make this application unique are listed as under:

  • Just shout or whisper and record your message: The best part about this application is that you don’t have to type in the message all the time. If you are not in a mood to type and want to have a conversation with your friends, then you can simply shout or whisper to the app and you can easily converse. You just need to slide up to shout and to whisper you need to slide down the mobile.
  • Art becomes better with this app: You click a picture and you want to do something amazing with the picture, then you can create a doodle and add amazing colours to it and send it across to your friends. Smileys and memes can also be made easily with Google Allo.
  • Get help from Google Assistant: Normally people plan to go out for shopping or just to have dinner but they don’t get the correct place to go . With Google Allo, you will get your personal Google Assistant which will suggest you about nearby restaurants ad nearly any information that you need. Whether its directions or just to find some answers, Google Assistant will always be there to help you out.
  • More privacy with incognito mode: Incognito mode is chatting with end to end encryption. This mode also comes with expiring period and the messages disappear with the expiry of the period. Private notifications are provided which make it more secret and private.
  • Instant chat with your Google Assistant: Find out distance from the airport or find out timings of your flight with the help of Google Assistant. Latest scores of your favourite games are also provided with the help of this app.

People can just use the ” Smart way ” of replying to messages with the help of this app. The application records the behaviour of the users and it tries to change itself with time. It is a free messaging app and just the new way of exploring the world. The app also suggests the replies that you might give to your conversations. You can easily record your replies so that if you need to reply in the same way again, then you don’t have to type again. A new and best messaging app that you will ever find!