google wifi router features

Google is an integral part of our life since 1998. Google was founded in Googleplex in Mountain View, California, USA. Google is a renowned search engine which is constantly making our life better and answering our queries at all times. If I am in a doubt, I can rely on Google and that’s why, Google is my friend in need which provides me solutions for all my queries.

Google is a service provider company which provides services like online advertising, Google search, provides cloud storage services like Google drive, numerous computer software services. Google is successful because of its incorporated chain products like Gmail for electronic mailing system, Google+ for social networking, for translating language there is Google translate, places and navigation uses Google maps.

Enough about software and services, Google is all set to launch it Google Wi-Fi Router to revolutionize the way we utilize the internet. Let’s have a look at the amazing features of Google Wi-Fi Router.

Google Wi-Fi Router Features


  • The USP of this router is that it provides excellent coverage of the whole area. Depending upon the size of the area, it has three versions.
  • For 500-1500 sq ft, you need a single Wi-Fi point. For 1500-3000 sq ft, you need two Wi-Fi points and for 3000-4500 sq ft, you need three points. You can choose your Wi-Fi router according to your preference.
  • This way, you can use multiple devices without any interruption in streaming, downloading and sharing of data.

Network Assist

  • It is software built into Google Wi-Fi router which enables it to attain fastest possible speed for your device. It automatically detects the minimum congested route for data transmission by locating the nearest wi-fi point.
  • Moreover, it will provide you suggestions to optimize your device performance.

Google Wi-Fi App

  • This will be used to actually control your router. You can change the privacy settings and set up a password for its usage.
  • You can view the online devices connected via router and thereby control the devices according to your utility.
  • Too much addiction for anything can prove fatal. That’s why, there is an option in this router to block the signal to your children’s devices during their study time or sleep time.

Other than this, Google Wi-Fi router has an ergonomic design which looks good and that’s why, it can be placed anywhere. So its time to change your old routers because from November onward, Google Wi-Fi router will open for pre-order bookings and from December onward, it will be available in the market. I hope you liked this article on Google Wi-Fi exclusive features.