Kanishk Sanjnani- ethical hacker

In general the term Hacker throws people off. But in contrast to what you think, every hacker is not bad. In fact, they are very useful in knowing the bugs and vulnerability in the page and help to upgrade their security.

One of such ethical hacker ’s stories is what you are going to know here.


Kanishk Sanjnani (he calls himself as a white hat hacker) a young engineer in his 20’s is known for his hacking skills. He applied his skills in something that you cannot think of even in a dream. Wondering how and what he did? Let us check his story.

He, on a regular exercise spotted many bugs on different online booking portals. Whether they may be flight tickets, hotel bookings, online shopping and any others, found a vulnerability in the system.

Thus, he started his research with an Air India online portal for flight ticket booking. Within no time he discovered he can travel the world for free. Instead of doing that way,  he informed the concerning department through e-mail. To provide them enough proof, he booked a ticket for San Francisco from India for just Rs. 1/- . For this, he was offered an internship by the airline. However, he declined the offer.

Sanjnani recently shared his experience with such online portals in an episode on medium. His experiments continued with several other online portals. Using Spice jet app, he booked himself a ticket for Goa for just Rs. 4 and even got a cashback of re 2000.

On the Cleartrip app, he booked a flight ticket for free including a day at the spa. They even refunded him re 1199 for no reason at all. Not only he used these portals, he hacked many online portals including government portals.

He used to contact with the concerned officials and prove himself. For his work he will be paid in huge sum for being honest and letting them know their faults, so that they can upgrade their security systems and further protect them from getting into losing. He used his talent for good things even it is an evil thing.