In a long list of social media platforms, Facebook is the most popular of them all. People are literally addicted to it. And there’s a reason behind it. We can share photos there, update statuses, poke people (virtually), admire other’s posts and the best – chat with our buddies. Most of the time spent on Facebook goes to chatting. And Facebook has provided lots of awesome features to its chat. People can chat via and share texts, pics, videos and even files.

Facebook chats has two amazing features also – real time typing and seen messages icons which appears to both users. Now, the typing feature is great but some people don’t like the “seen” option. It’s because people start to ask for reply or opinions as soon as they find out there message has been read. And it can be annoying at some times because you may not want to reply to that person.

So, today I am going to tell you how to disable the “seen” option on your Facebook chat.

1st Method: Disable “Seen” on Facebook chat automatically

  1. You need to install the given extension to your browsers first.


Facebook chat2. Restart your browser after successfully installing the extension.

3. And it’s done! Log in to your Facebook account and the “Seen” option won’t trouble you ever again.

How to Disable the Extension on your Browser

  1. And if you ever had a change of mind, just go to “Add-on” option in Firefox and “Extension” option in Chrome.
  2. Tap the disable or remove option in front of the extension.

2nd Method: Disable “Seen” on Facebook chat manually

Well, everyone knows this process. But, in case you don’t, I am here to help you again.

  1. When someone send you a message; Go to inbox >> Read the message >> Then click “Mark as unread” option.
Facebook chat
MArk as Unseen option

2. But you have to click this option every time after reading the option. So, this is not a wise option for ignoring someone over a long span of time.


Adding an extension is a better idea if you keep getting irritating messages from someone. Of course there is the option of “Blocking”, but sometimes you just don’t want the person to know you are simply ignoring him/her. It gets complicated also.

So, if you liked this article and tried my tip, please comment below and let others know. Also tell us if you are facing any problem at any stage of the guide. I will be back with more solutions to your tech related problems.

Till then…Good Bye!