how to screen shot on PC?

How to screen shot on PC? This is the one which annoys one in some cases. Often people come across some problems with their PC. So they think of a screen shot on PC and showing it to an expert. Or want to capture a particular part of a video or a photograph or something that they wish on having a screen shot on PC.

Eventually this end on taking a screen shot. But not all PC support this button on keyboard. If they want to screen shot, they have to search on for how to screen shot on pc related articles and have to do some work. Here, in this article I make it more elaborate on easy way to screen shot on PC.

Different ways on how to screen shot on PC/Mac

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How to Screen Shot on PC, A Portion Of The Screen

Press command + shift + 4 keys simultaneously. You can see the cursor highlighting a particular portion turning to a cross hair pointer. Drag the mouse to the area of which you want to capture a screen shot and leave the mouse. Press esc when holding the mouse to cancel. Now you can see the screen shot as ‘png’ file on your desktop.

How to Screen Shot on PC, The Entire Screen

Make sure all the area you want to capture a screen shot is visible. Press command + shift + 3 at a time. Done! Your screen shot is saved automatically to your desktop as ‘png’ file.

How to Screen Shot on PC, An Open Window

This method is helpful to save a screen shot of a particular window. Press command + shift + 4 and hit on space bar. The cross hair pointer changes to camera pointer. Move the camera pointer to the window you want to highlight. Click the mouse. If you want to cancel, then press esc before releasing mouse or track pad. Your screen shot will be saved on desktop as ‘png’ file.

Save Screen Shot To The Clipboard

Press command + control + shift + 3. Instead of saving to the desktop automatically this method allows you to save it to the temporary folder where your clip boards are generally are copied.

Press command + V to paste the screen shot to any image editor or word file or any email service and can save them there if you wish to do.

Using Grab Utility Tool Take A Timed Screen Shot

Don’t want these boring keyboard shortcuts? Don’t worry this is for you. Grab is a pre-installed program available on Mac. Go to Applications program, then go to utilities folder and select Grab.

using grab utility

It will launch Grab application. You cannot find it in a new window. But you can see a menu bar regarding this application. Using Grab you can capture screenshots of your wish as above, screen shot a window, a particular area on the screen or an entire screen using the ‘timed screen’ option.

Go to ‘Capture’ menu on the Grab tool bar. Select from the listed sub menu of your choice, timed screen. This will pop up a window which asks you to choose between ‘start timer’ or ‘cancel’. Click on ‘start timer’. It takes 10 sec of your time to capture the screen shot. If you think it is good, continue saving the file and exit grab.

However these methods come handy on Mac OS X v 10.6 and later versions. The files saved on desktop are found as ‘screenshot date and time.png’. Follow us for more updates on tech.