I am not a professional photographer and I don’t intend to be one. I can’t carry a DSLR to places I travel because, for me, it’s a liability. But, at the same time, I want to click beautiful, high resolution snaps.

Most of you would feel that my above statements are contradictory. I want good snaps but don’t want to use a professional camera. So how should I do this? Simple, I will use my smart phone!

Yes, you can click amazing photos with your smart phone. Your smart phone is actually smarter than you think it is. Here are some simple tips on how to click mind blowing photos with your smart phone.


Adjust the Settings


Most of the users just don’t care to play with the settings. Camera settings like White Balance, ISO and Filters.  White Balance is adjusted according to the color temperature of the light source available.

ISO adjusts the sensitivity of the light- small number means more sensitive while larger number is less sensitive. Filters are used to provide different color shades to your picture.

Now to learn these settings, you have to fiddle with your camera. Then you will be ready to click mind blowing pictures.

Avoid Zooming in


The problem with zoom function in the camera is that it disturbs the resolution of the picture. If you zoom in to take the shot, the definition of the image will get blurred.

Instead, you should take the picture in the actual mode without using zoom. Later on, you can crop the picture while editing. This will result in a high definition image rather than a blurred one.

Get Closer, get Better


If there is a possibility, then get closer to the object. When you are closer to the object, the focus of the lens is on the object. This will result in a picture with awesome details. It will be as if the picture can come to life at any moment!



Flash off, Lights on


The biggest mistake we do while clicking photos is that we tend to use flash more often.  You must have experienced it yourself. You clicked the picture with flash mode ON, but it made your picture worse than you expected.

Flash makes your image distorted with unbalanced use of light. That’s why, we recommend you to use light sources instead of using flash. It can be natural or artificial light depending upon your location.

Get photo editing apps


If you are still not happy with your photograph, try using some of the apps available on app stores. For example Camera+ for Iphone or CameraZOOM FX for Android phones. These are one of the most rated apps available. Other than these, you can try Pixlr, Google Snapseed and Mextures.

With these apps, you can adjust filters, saturation, vignette, brightness, contrast, rotate, flip, etc.


I hope now you will be satisfied with the pictures you click with your smart phone. After all, you have got the answer to the question on how to click amazing photos with your smart phone. One last tip, take as many pictures as you can with different settings on your phone. After sometime, you will be recognized in your circle as a photographer with a smart phone!