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What’s the main goal of every blogger and site owner?? It’s ranking higher in search engines. So the question now is how to increase your ranking in search engines. There are hundreds of web metrics to achieve this; but the one most famous and practical out there is Domain Authority (DA). DA is a Moz developed website metric that estimates how well the website is likely to rank in search engines. Increasing the DA score or grade should be one of the main aims of every blogger/site owner to increase their traffic.

Why should one try to increase their Domain Authority?

Increasing your Domain Authority will surge the chances of your higher site positioning on Google and other search engines. Once in a while, you may have seen that a site which has a low DA rank is positioned lower than sites who have a high DA rank but with less quality and engaging contents. So, DA is very important for your website’s search engine ranking and your traffic.

How to increase the Domain Authority (DA)

  1. Publish Good Quality contents

To have a good DA score, the contents on your website should be of great quality. The more unique and readable the content is, the better chances of a higher DA rank. The contents on the site should be relevant to the topic. Try to choose a trending and unique topic or a topic which will strike a chord with the readers.

Always remember: “Content is king”. Make your content more attractive by including images, videos, GIF and other interesting stuffs to make your content more appealing.

Domain Authority
Content is King
  1. SEO optimization

SEO optimization is one of the most effective ways to increase your website’s DA rank. IT includes technical terms like keywords, tags, keyword placement etc.

  • Keyword Density – Maintain a keyword density between 0.5 to 2% on your articles. Don’t overfill your articles with keywords only and stick to the topic.
  • Subheadings – Highlight the subheadings to emphasize on the focus points.
  • Targeted Keywords – Pick a perfect keyword for your contents. Long tail keywords are easier to rank, so give preference to them.
  • Meta description – Fill up your Meta description. Try not to abandon it clear. Your meta-depiction ought to have your focus keyword in it.

Provide images in your contents too. Remember, “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

Domain Authority
Pictures attract more attention than words
  1. Provide Internal Linking

Internal linking is a brilliant trick to increase the audience of not only the current article; but the other contents on your site too. Linking to your older contents will help readers to increase your current content in a better way as a result. One of the best example of Internal linking is Wikipedia (DA score 100). That shows the importance of this point.

Domain Authority
Internal Linking
  1. Site Structure

Keep you website user friendly, easy to browse and simple to read and understand. Readers are more attracted to websites and blogs which are easier to be understood and are a fun to read. User experience is one another thing that needs to be considered very carefully. The last you need is to piss off your readers by hurting their sentiments.

  1. Be patient

As the age of your site will increase, so will your site’s DA ranking. So, you need to be patient with the site and don’t feel bad if the site’s not performing well when you just started. It’ better to start advertising on your site after 2-3 months of starting. This will help you to earn more as you would have a regular traffic and increased understanding by then. Book your domain for the next 3-5 years. Consequently, It will ultimately pay off some day and is a good practice.

Domain Authority
Be patient with your site

So, these are some of the ways to increase your website’s DA ranking. You should check your DA score at least once a month or two. It will help you keep a track on your site’s performance and plan your strategies likewise. You can check your DA score online form the many free Domain Authority Checker Tools available on the internet.

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