After the Recent URI attack , Hackers from india has Disrupt much of a whole network of Pakistan’s government and Encrypted their all personal data.Facing the large-surge DOS attack from from India, the Pakistani techies are literally pulling their hair out in frustration. Rival ones have reportedly offered to pay the Indian hackers with means of Bitcoins (50 lakhs) in exchange of the keys of their encrypted databases.However, still after rejecting the offer patriotic Indians hackers have Pakistani sites under their their supreme control.

These cyber attack from this side of fence is not the initial initiative taken. In the wake of hackers defacing Indian sites from that side of the fence. And when videos are getting viral in Whatsapp claiming that the surgical strike is fake one. Indian hackers claiming that they are ready for a huge cyber war, which can destroy the whole of the communication network of the neighbouring country.

The malicious minds of Pakistani media government and defacing india’s prominent sites are the breakpoint. Indian hackers are angry so much that they are force to initiate the Ransomware technique to encrypt the major networks of neighbouring soil.

It is reported that the hacker group who infected Pakistan’s major government sites have gained control over 100 Pc’s .

A hacker told another website: “To Decrypt their data, Officials from Pakistan has agreed to paid a ransom in Bitcoins. But Indians hackers refused to decrypt their data back.

It is reported that Indian hackers are warming up the do a very large scale DOS attack on Pakistan’s cyberspace. Even though Pakistani hackers will also retaliate. All Indian IT companies are on an high alert to ensure that there is zero data breach.

Affected Indian websites are :

Official website of the National Green Tribunal (

-Bihar State Electronics Development Corporation (

Netizen of India Stay Alert likewise Stay Safe.