After edging out google last week the tech giant,today on 18th October released an iOS update to address complaints of thousands of users using the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The update is numbered 10.0.3, and it’s solely for solving the connectivity issues for those above mentioned phones.
If you have an iPhone other than above mentioned ones, you won’t get the unnecessary update.


It’s unclear exactly what the issue, But iPhone 7 users began complaining after the update last month. Most of the devices have random dropping LTE signal when attempting to use any service using GPS.
Some experts are suggesting that it had to do with how the cellular operators are handling the cellular and voice data. Also their is a huge possibility that the problem lies within the very basic coding of iOS system. It mainly interacts with CDMA/LTE based network, which is generally provided by authorized US retailer Sprint and Verizon. And some other international cellular carriers.Few users using different network also seems to be affected by this bug. Apple spokesperson person replied that where so ever the problem lies, the following official update will fix it.

iOS 10 is a major update from Apple. That has features sort of a redesigned brand new Lock screen expertise, a revamped Messaging app with a fully functional apple App Store, have provided advance version of a Siri SDK for enthusiastic developers, Well New option and appearances are part of the the update too.
So, If you are one of the buyers of iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. And facing these issue of call connectivity, Stay alert. With in a month you will be notified about this new update over-the-air.