TIOBE, probably the most famous rating index for programming languages, has released its latest index for Feb 2018. Based on their rankings, Java carries on to remain the most famous programming language followed by C and C++++. Other popular languages include Python, C., and Visual Basic. In contradiction to TIOBE’s previous prediction that Visual Basic would vanish in a couple of years, it’s performing well as when compared with other languages. TIOBE has added SQL into the index, since the speech is now Turing complete, it said. And on the other hand, PYPL, which looks at the recognition of language tutorials on Google, shows Java as the most preferred programming language followed by Python and PHP.

For all those unaware, TIOBE calculates the rankings based on the number of internet search engine queries that contain the name of the programming language as a keyword. Additionally, PYPL uses the raw data from Google Trends to calculate the rankings, which are based on the more number of searches for a specific language tutorial, the more popular it’s assumed to be. Although Python continued to maintain its popularity, other scripting languages like Perl, PHP, and Ruby have seen a decrease in their popularity. The reason behind this is the difficulty in writing a critical and large software system, which meets top quality demands. Even a scripting language such as JavaScript that is inevitable while doing web programming has been forced to evolve to a safer language, stated the report. Based on research data as of Feb 2018, here’s the list of the top 10 programming languages in 2018, in accordance with the TIOBE index and the PYPL rankings.
1- Java
2- C
3- C++
4- Python
5- PHP
6- Javascript
7- C#
8- Objective C
9- Visual Basic.Net
11- Delphi
12- Swift
13- R
14- Ruby