Google has this week announced the release and availability of a brand new light-weight Google Assistant app, specially designed for mobile phones running their light-weight Android Go OS. Android Go was made by Google for lower spec mobile phones permitting them to benefit from the features and functionality of the Google Android by running a chip ad Memory hungry operating system. The Android Go initiative was started in December 2017 together with a couple of Google applications in the shape of Google Maps Go, YouTube Go, Google Go, and Gboard Go. Today Google has made available a fresh application for the Google Android Go OS in the shape of the Google Assistant Go application, which is currently available to download straight from the Google Android online store.

In a comparable vein to its own allies the new light-weight Assistant Go application was constructed to offer a comparable experience when using less Memory and processing power, when compared to the full blown Assistant application. As you’d expect Google has removed a number of attributes like only supporting English and you do not have the skill to place reminders, control smart home appliances or make use of Actions. You may still ask the new light-weight Assistant Go assistant questions, control different functions on your smartphone with voice commands and navigate maps. To learn more jump on the official Google Play Shop where the application is currently available to download for Google Android Go devices.