MacBook Pro 2016

Apple launched a brand new range of MacBook Pro laptops on October 28 in California. The new range laptops include, “A revolutionary Touch Bar that brings touch functionality right to your keyboards,” as the company calls it. There are some usual features upgradations too. But are these enough to excite? Nope, Not At All!!!!

Here are 5 causes Apple MacBook fails to delight:

  1. Cannot Connect ‘Traditional Peripherals’

Instead of using more common ports like USB, HDMI, or older Thunderbolt Sockets, the MacBook Pro uses four Thunderbolt 3 ports depending on the variant that you want to buy. Thus, the traditional USB peripherals won’t work without adapters on MacBook Pro.MacBook Pro USB port

It means that without an adapter, the user cannot use the ports and USB type-C cables.

  1. Price

The MacBook Pro prices start from $1,499 for 13” variant and go as high as $2,399 for 15” variant. The newer models are cost more than they should be.MacBook Pro 2016 Price

With this price jumps, there’s no doubt that Apple has its eyes set on premium category only.

  1. Touch Functionality, really?

Yes, you heard it right. It’s ‘Touch Functionality’ not ‘Touch Screen’. In addition to this new function being totally useless, many other companies like Dell, Acer, HP, Micromax and even Lenovo provide laptops at the same price that have same features and come with touchscreens.MacBook Pro Touc Function

In fact, there are many touch-screen laptops models from these firms that cost almost 50% of the Apple latest MacBook Pro range.

  1. Can’t use iPhone 7 headphones

The new MacBook Pro comes with four USB ports which are either Thunderbolt 3 or USB Type-C. For those who don’t know, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus comes with Lightning-to-USB Type-A Cable, which is of no use if you own the Apple MacBook Pro.Apple iPhone 7

Therefore, you will need to buy either Lightning-to-USB Type C cable or USB 2.0 to USB Type C Cable to connect your iPhone 7 with MacBook Pro.

  1. TouchBar, another trick?

Apple brings the new ‘Touch Functionality’ in its MacBook Pro keyboards with the TouchBar. It integrates with the applications running onscreen, and thus, it provides extra user controls. MacBook Pro TouchBar

However, having a TouchBar on the screen would have been much better instead of cluttering the keyboard that already jostles for space.

These 5 reasons are enough to make anyone hate the Apple MacBook Pro range. There are many other laptops having same primary features that you can get at much lower cost.

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