There are many different reasons for a person to start blogging. To pursue their passion! Earn online through blogs! Speaking their heart out! Share their knowledge! Etc. etc.

Whatever be the reason, your blogging career isn’t successful if you can’t gather a good number of readers. And though we are currently living in the time of fun loving and casual minded generation, it’s very important to have your blogs a professional look to attract audience and readership.

So, having a professional looking blog is very important for all bloggers, especially new ones. But, if you are clueless as to how to give your blogs a professional look and feel, it’s very simple! Just follow the points below –

  1. FONTS

Words are the most powerful tools of Humans. The way you have designed the look of your sentences is important to make your blogs professional. Too many kinds of fonts in the same blog make it look scattered and are not a good sight for the eyes.

Always keep the fonts of all your blogs the same. Better, narrow it down to two blogs and use them specifically for your blogs. Choose your fonts wisely too! Times New Roman, Cambria, Arial and Helvetica are some good fonts to give you blog a professional look.

  1. COLOR

First impression of anything is created by the first look of it. So, it’s important to give your readers a look of something they are not wasting their time reading.

Colors, along with fonts, complement the look and feel of your blogs. Keep it to just two different complementing colors to give your blog the professional look.

Most of the bloggers use a white background along with black fonts. This doesn’t just make your blog professional, but also is easily readable and is relaxing to the eyes. Avoid using too bright colors at background at all costs!


The true identity of a person’s professionalism is his grasp on the language. No matter in which language you blog, you must have a profound knowledge of the Grammar and stock of words. Grammar will always be the most important mark of your steel in this field.

Apart from Grammar, always triple check for your spelling mistakes and other errors. When it comes to professional blogging, there is very little room for error. Your blogs build up your credibility in the market. So, always keep this point in check.

Professional Blog
Always Triple check for errors

Will you take any advice from a person who has no confidence in his own words? Same applies to blogging also. Confidence is the most important part of a person’s personality. That’s why I have included this point in my list.

Always be clear, concise and confident with whatever you are providing in your blogs. People love to hear to a confident person and your confidence will define your credibility in the market. So, be confident with your topics, your words and your delivery. Read this to get an idea of How to choose Topics for your Blogs.

Take inspiration from other successful bloggers and read about them to build your confidence.

Professional Blogs
Be Confident

Let’s say you created a wonderful professional-looking blog keeping in mind all the above points. And someone is so impressed by you that he/she wants to hire you. Now, how will he/she contact you for that?

That’s why you need to have an “About Me” and “Contact” section at the end of your blog. Put social media icons at an appropriate position with your profiles embedded in it. It will make it easy for anyone to find and contact you whenever they want to for anything.


Keep the above points in mind while creating a blog to make it professional and impress your readers. Always keep in mind, “Your present decides your future!” That applies in case of Blogging too.