Instant articles, all you need to know about. Facebook, the social media giant opened ‘Instant articles’ for writers around the world for making money online. They are providing a great source of income through this initiative for article writers. You can design your own articles the way you like.

Facebook provides 100% ad receipts to the publishers if they sell ads. They are only taking 30% if they sell through Facebook. It’s being an advantage for the writers not to decline this offer and letting them to sign up instantly.

Writer can also post their articles on their site without any issues. Which means publishers can use Facebook platform to pitch a master experience for their readers from Facebook. Instant articles load much faster compared article links of publishers.

New creative tools bring your stories to life and are as easy to use as they are transformative for the mobile storytelling experience.

Now let me explain the process of creating instant articles.


  • You must need an account to publish your finished articles.
  • Choose the pages you like to activate for your articles.


  • You need to claim your URL for which you use for your articles. This will act as ground for your posts.
  • Using the plugins provided you can connect your articles to your blog or website.
  • You can customize your articles as you wish.


  • Now you have to submit your feed so that Facebook can verify whether everything is formatted properly or not. But you need 50 articles to be written before hand before sending them for review to the facebook team.
  • You can publish your every article from your website or blog using instant article tool. Can upload articles to your library and can review and re publish them through instant articles.

You can also track your traffic through Google Analytics which is an added advantage. Thus, one can improve vast traffic to your blog or website using instant articles and can make money online.


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