Make money online through website monetization-Google AdSense

Want to make money online through Google AdSense. Here I explain how and what is Google AdSense. Google AdSense is simply advertising Google ads on your blog and when the visitor of your blog clicks on those ads, Google pays you for the click. Google takes 32% and pays you 68% of what the advertisers pays for Google. You can say it’s a good source of earning money online. Though it’s the convenient way to earn money, you cannot earn living with this.

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Ads are brushed up to make it clear that they are high in content and relevant to your readers. You can block the ads which you don’t like. Also can customize where the ads appear and can choose which will fit more to your site. Turn your online content into a blog or website that smoothly incorporates with AdSense.

To make it happen all you need is a blog or website of your own. It is simple to sign up.

  • Get started.
  • After signing up go to My ads.
  • Create a new ad unit.
  • Name it.
  • Select a size.
  • Select ad type.
  • Create a custom channel, which enables you to track your performance.
  • Create an ad style.
  • When done with ad setup click on save and get code button to get your code in HTML form.

Tips to boost your AdSense income.

  • Get more, high traffic to your blog or web site.
  • Create content rich blog or website
  • Less paying niche
  • Earn more by creating niche blog or website
  • Target correct keywords
  • Follow AdSense policies totally

You may think it’s easy and thinking of asking your friends and family to click your ads. But no, it’s not that easy. Google has enabled high quality in which if you found cheating your account may be dismissed and it’s hard to retain your account.


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