viral content

Who don’t want swarming traffic on your blog? Certainly no one. Almost all bloggers search for tricks to create viral content. There are cases few blogs go viral without applying efforts but this may not be so in every case. You need to wisely lay out your blog, pen down informative content, optimize your website design. Once you are done with all of this, share it across social media platforms. Also, Optimize it for website scores. Bloggers recommend investing as much time on sharing your blog as much you do on writing it.

Below given are few tips you should adhere to make your blog viral:

Engaging content

Write a content that has a global appeal. It must impact people of all creeds and race, unbiased of gender or income. Write it in a way it triggers emotions out of the readers. Include Information, entertaining lines some news in it. Your content must have something to compel one to read it. Often storytelling is entertained. I am active on quora and see storytellers get most upvotes. Target this content to people who are likely to share.

Social shares

Share it on all social media platforms. I would recommend sharing a post multiple times on every platform. Join Fan Pages, communities and circles and share your posts there. Opt for automated social bookmarking. Subscribe to SocialMarker and similar sites. Always  on real time. Posting at 3 am would serve less as compared to posting at 8 pm. Include hashtags (#) wherever possible.

Reach audience via emails

Send newsletters and e-magazines via emails. Carve down an outreach template to greet your audience. This will indirectly be a gentle reminder. Mention in it your blog name and your products/services/information.

Mention Influencers

Influencers statements attract people to atleast listen to your words. Ask them to mention you somewhere, probably on social media or on their webpage with a link to your blog.

Join forums and communities

When you join forums and communities and indulge in discussion. You have an opportunity to present yourself and all that you have to offer. You can even drop your website links for others. This link may assist

Paid Ads

Paid ads are great to earn traffic when nothing is working. They bring you swarming traffic immediately. Refer to Google Adwords, facebook ads, twitter advertising and other trusted sites to give you audience. You can also see for affiliate partners to get you traffic. This may cost few bucks to you but it is worthy spending.

Add media to your blog

Adding images and videos that have potential to go viral. What we see is effective vitally. Make a youtube channel of yours, clubbed with a link to your web pages. Make your media informative and entertaining.

Perform SEO

Seo friendly content have tendency to increase website score. This will improve the pagerank. Your weblink is likely to be clicked if it occurs on top positions in search engine result pages. Traffic will come automatically if you have increased impressions.


Keep an eye on insight data. Pay attention to what your analytics reports says. This helps you know what is working for you? Who are your potential audience? What keywords is fetching you traffic. Once you know all this you can promote well.

Add Infographics

Infographics have tendency to catch eye. It is more interesting than text. These days everyone is short of time and they pay heed to what they can get in shorter span of time.

All the above are few ways you can incur traffic on your website and make your content viral. But content authenticity and information in it cannot be overlooked. Instead, it must be the priority. Serve your readers what they would relish and is benefiting. It will go insanely viral itself. Your half work is done. For other half embrace all content habits told above.