Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook now has his own version of Jarvis AI to control his home.

Earlier this year, Zuckerberg said that he will be programming an artificial intelligence system that will control his home. And now, he has unveiled his Jarvis AI that can communicate with his computer and smartphone. It can control the temperature, lights, security systems, appliances, and music too. The AI is also capable of learning new words and concepts by itself.

Now you guys must be thinking how he made it. Well, Zuckerberg said that he utilized some of the artificial intelligence systems like language processing, face recognition, speech recognition, and reinforcement learning. The programming languages used in developing Jarvis are Object-C, PHP, and Python. Zuckerberg even reversed the engineer APIs for his home appliances such as, temperature, lights, etc to issue commands which they can understand.

Initially, he chose few simple words like “Lights”, “On”, “Bedroom”. This was to communicate the complete code faster using text messages. But then he realized that Jarvis must be capable of handling open-ended requests to work more efficiently.

The next challenge was to command Jarvis from everywhere, for which, Zuckerberg used the bot framework of Facebook. He also built a dedicated Jarvis app to enable voice control on Jarvis.

Mark Zuckerberg also posted two videos of functioning of Jarvis.

Presentation of Jarvis AI

The first one showcases some of the tasks that Jarvis is capable of performing, though the whole thing comes off as updated version of Amazon Echo.

The second video was posted yesterday showing a fictionalized account of how his wife, Priscilla Chan, has dealt with Jarvis AI.

Morgan Freeman will be the voice of Jarvis AI.