micro niche

‘Make money online’ is the main motto of many bloggers and website owners. Bloggers try hard to write good and creative articles, try to generate huge traffic to their site to make more income. To add extra passive income through your micro niche website it is feasible, requires a lot less effort.

For those who don’t know about micro niche here is the simple illustration.

Micro Niche Website

A micro niche website as the name is a small website focuses on a particular niche within a parent niche. For example “technology” is a parent niche whereas “smartphone” is a child niche for technology. You can make it more specific if you like to target on a particular product which can be more profitable than an authorized website will be.

You can build more products on multiple websites and cannot be impacted by seasonal sales.It is easy and quick to build a micro niche website and can be forgotten. Long term profits are guaranteed. It just adds more money to your bank balance. If you have correct tools you can build in a span of a day. It’s that simple.

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The steps involved to start a micro niche website:

  • Niche and Domain selection

Selecting a niche and domain for your niche website is the main task involved. You can make a good survey for it and choose what you feel good and comfortable in making it happen. Choose the niche wisely which has good search engine friendly and have a great rating.

For domain make it related to your micro niche. For example if your micro niche is ‘Lumia’, then your proposed domain name can be ‘lumiaguide.com’ or something similar to it.

  • Content and Keyword research

Make your domain name the keyword, which helps you get more traffic. Create an article with 1500 words and make it a home page. Now write about minimum 10 articles related to your micro niche. To get on the top list you need to have at least 10 related articles in your blog. Always write quality article than quantity one’s. Quality matters most here. Manage your SEO content. Don’t post all the articles same time. Update your website regularly for at least a week or two.

  • Set up micro niche website

It is easy to build one website when you know how to create a blog on word press. Basic things you need to set up are

  • Need to purchase a domain name
  • Purchase website hosting
  • Get a good Theme related to your micro niche blog
  • Install WordPress and related plugins
  • Monetization

There are many ways to monetize your site. You can go with AdSense, which is easy and fast way to monetize your micro niche website. You can lie on affiliate programs. Build more organic traffic to your site which will help in long turn. No need to backlink your content. Maintain quality SEO content. It is more enough to generate your site good organic traffic.

To get better rank on search engines always remember posting SEO quality posts. Your earnings are slow in the beginning. Eventually revenue will rise. Focus more on organic traffic. Create more micro niche websites to generate more income.